Crazy Kind of Love Song by American Stone

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It was a bright and sunny afternoon, right in the middle of winter, which wasn’t weird at all in terms of California weather. We had previously arranged to shoot at a framing store in Culver City that also acted as an art gallery, all thanks to the owners David and Jose. We setup the gear, and one by one the band started to show up, each bringing their vibrant personality that make up American Stone. Tim Hurley (vocals) and Mark Monroe (guitar) started up the band about two years ago in a small karaoke bar. After talking music and realizing their similar goals, the duo soon expanded their dream of starting a country band, in the most organic and pure way. Little by little, the group started writing honest country songs that really do make you feel same way. With the sunlight striking through the window, we began to shoot. Encore Sessions is proud to present the first country band featured on the website, American stone, with their song “Crazy Kind of Love Song”, from The Framing Solutions art gallery in Culver City.

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