Como Ella by Cuitla Vega and Daniela Calvario

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We have worked very closely with Cuitla Vega and his manager Manny the past few months; making them very close to the Encore Sessions team. After finishing up Daniela’s Sessions in Guadalajara, Manny contacted us about our whereabouts. We happened to just be a few minutes apart. What was supposed to be a simple reunion turned into beautiful collaboration between two amazing artist from Mexico. Both Daniela and Cuitla’s following surpass in the millions combined and continue to produce heartwarming music on their own. Together, these sultry voices create was it to become an intimate yet awe inspiring performance that left the crew and hopefully the audience filled with joy.Working with these two is always a pleasure, and having them sing a duet together was nothing more than what we could expect. Encore Sessions presents  a very special performance from our dear friend Cuitla Vega and Daniela Calavario with their song “Como Ella”.