Chapala Blues by Troker

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Being the first band to record in our Guadalajara trip, Troker really set the bar high in terms of what not expect. We knew they were a jazz ensemble but to hear them play live and actually experience it was surreal.  Their jazz instrumentals were noticeably well put together and each song felt like a journey was being created in our mind with music. Troker, or as the English pronunciation would be “Trucker”, have a history of overseas popularity, especially in Europe, and rave reviews that distinguish their music from most jazz acts. The band, consisting of Samuel (bass), Christian (piano), Humberto (DJ), Juan Carlos (drums), Arturo (saxophone), and Isaias (trumpet), make up the jazz-fusion ensemble that cover many genres and whose different styles of music, when combined, create the unique sound that is Troker. Once setup was completed, we began. From the bands personal studio in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Encore Sessions presents the first half of Troker’s performance with their song “Chapala Blues”.

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