Estoy Enamorado by Cuitla Vega

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With Cuitla Vega having a tight schedule during his stay in Los Angeles, we decided to challenge ourselves by developing and producing an original song and music video in under 24 hours. It sounded ludicrous in the beginning but with the whole of Encore Sessions and Cuitla’s team behind the project, we knew we could accomplish it. As we started the clock, our first task was writing the song. With the help of experienced composer Celin Cortes, Cuitla was able to write out a beautiful ballad justly title, “Estoy Enamorado”. It took a whole days’ worth of writing and composing to finalize the song but with that done, we were ready to move on to the next big step: a music video.

The idea had to be simple and doable, and where better to shoot it than in our very own studio. It was from the beginning that we wanted to involve the whole team so with that in mind, the concept of doing a music video within a music video came to fruition. Lights were hung, props were placed, people were in a scatter and filled with anxiety; waiting for the outcome of it all. It was with almost in the wee hours of the morning that our deadline was reached but so was the call for a wrap. We accomplished with what seemed impossible.

Encore Sessions presents a very special 24 hour challenge music video performed by Cuitla Vega for his original song “Estoy Enamorado”.

Special thanks to Cuitla Vega and his team and the entire Encore Sessions crew. Hopefully this is the first of many to come. Enjoy.

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