Fears Home by The Thick Bones

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As we approached the gates of Animalito Records for the second time, the welcoming arms of Dan brought a sense of comfort as we walked up to his grand studio. With Mexico City as their home base, Animalito records was also home to The Thick Bones, who just happened to be the band that greeted us as we settled in the studio. While working on the album in the depths of Animilato, The Thick Bones allowed us to expose a tame version of what would become an arrangement of their newest creation. Consisting of band members Isabel (vocals), Jesus (guitar), and Eddie (drums), The Thick Bones are an amalgam of artist that when they come together, the outcome is a mixture of a classic rock style and indie pop that pinpoints the bands phonic identity. Although newly formed with only a few years being a band, The Thick Bones show promise with this rendition of a song that is both distinct and unique. Encore Sessions presents The Thick Bones with their song “Fears Home.”

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