El Hilo Negro by San Juan Project

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Right in the heart of Guadalajara where the Tortas Ahogadas are amazing and the sound of alarms become part of the music you play, San Juan Project proudly call this their home. With a laid back attitude and a spirit that captures their old time style, we knew something special would come about this shoot. The band, consisting of Arturo De La Torre, Arturo Lamadrid, Don Milton, and Carlos Villegas, started in 2008 with only De La Torre and Lamadrid being involved. It slowly grew into the quartet we see today with a mix of styles that when brought together, bring about an eclectic sound ranging from old jazz and new electro. This song in particular showcases their playful lyrics of old-timey radio tradition while still incorporating modern jazz stylings. Their chemistry is tight and it’s easy to see them improv while still holding a tune. As alarms blared on and torta enthusiast were looking on, we began to shoot. From El Rica Torta in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Encore Sessions presents the first half of San Juan Project’s performance with their song “El Hilo Negro”.

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