Voy Para el Sur by Montebong

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With the whirring of the cars around us and the crowd gathering, curious as to what we were doing, we knew this shoot would be one of the liveliest ones during our stay in Guadalajara. As the band assembled under the Puente Matute Remus, the audience was eager with anticipation. Montebong, comprised of Raul (vocals), Chris (guitar), Javier (bass), Kike (keyboards), Mario (percussion), and David (drums), brought about their reggae stylings with their powerful ska and dub influences. For this song in particular, things were slowed down a bit more, showcasing the wide range of sound that this sextet is capable of accomplishing. With cameras rolling, and the city alive, we called out action. Encore Sessions presents the first part of a very special three part performance of Montebong with their song “Voy Para el Sur”.

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