Amiga by Banda La Fantastica

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Regional mexican style of music has been a genre of music we have always wanted to tackle. Knowing the tedious process of recording a fifteen plus band however, was an even bigger obstacle that came with it. After successfully using a multi angle camera method in out own sound space, we decided that this method was the best way to with in order to capture the true essence of a band with this much sound and power. In groups of two and three, one after another, the band came through our gate doors and the challenges we faced became more apparent. Although time was against us we managed to pull through. It was none other than Banda La Fantastica who happened to present an astounding rendition of their new single. Fairly new and still building a reputation, their combination of traditional regional sounds and modern touches of their unique lyrics that come with their age, Banda La Fantastica will sure to be talked about in this genre. With sixteen people carefully placed in out small stage, we began to shoot. Encore Sessions presents a very special performance of Banda La Fantastica with their newest single, “Amiga”.

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Banda La Fantastica is:

Miguel Hernandez

Leo Castellanos

Mario Muro
Carlos Vasquez
Mario Reynaga

Carlos Hijar
Michael Vasquez
Arturo Flores

Robert Llamas

Alto Horn-
Ricardo Villa

Oscar Valdez
Moises  Valdez