Cuando El Miedo te Alcance by Juno

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The very last band we had the opportunity to film was none other than the band formerly known as Los Empty. By chance, the drummer from the previous night for the Broken Flowers shoot told us about his other band now known as Juno. We arranged the session and squeezed in the final band for the Guadalajara trip, hours before our flight home. Juno is a four-piece rock group consisting of Daniel Aceves (vocals/guitar), Victor Barajas (guitar), Juan Carlos Rosas (bass), and Archie Romo (drums). Their influences also include some major bands like The Beatles and Depeche Mode that can be interpreted in their music. With heavy instances of guitar riffs and a groovy bass line, Juno exemplifies the rock genre but still hold true to their unique style. Their latest album SENTIMUTANTES portrays this sound exceptionally and really pushed for the Juno name. As we were hours away from leaving home, we began to shoot. Encore Sessions presents the first half of Juno’s performance with their song “Cuando El Miedo te Alcance”.

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