Da Igual by Sonsoles

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The second band we ever recorded was another opportunity to evolve our filming method. This time around we decided to have an intro with the band giving a bit of bio info and then cutting to the actual performance. There were still multiple cameras used but the signature one take movement was slowly coming to. At this point, we didn’t really have much to show, but 100 videos later proved other wise. Sonsoles, comprised of Jose (vocals), Steve (keyboards), Lonnie (drums), Delwin (rapper), and Cesar (bass), style of music can be described as upbeat latin rock with dynamic range that gives there sound a unique touch. This one in particular combines strong lyricism and a sanguine melody. The intro itself describes some of these details as well. The band continues to write music and have an ongoing gofundme for their upcoming album witch holds much promise. With our feet firmly planted on the ground, we readied ourselves for our second session ever filmed. Encore Sessions presents Sonsoles with their song, “Da Igual”.

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