Dame lo que hay by Montevideo

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Although our intentions were to record at the prestigious UNAM en el Cuidad de Mexico, a minor setback ultimately and serendipitously lead us to a new location. The sun was already set and the bustling of the city life was coming to a close when Montevideo took to the Centro de Coyoacan to perform a very special version of an unreleased song. The band consists of Alex (guitar), Uriel (keys/guitar), Rocko (bass), and Memo (Drums) all of which hail from Mexico City. With a lifespan of five years and still going strong, Montevideo combine a smooth melodic rock arrangement that is reminiscent of the legendary sound that is Rock en Español. While a small crowd curiously looked over in the cool Spring night, the band played on. Encore Sessions proudly presents “Dame Lo Que Hay”, unreleased and beautifully performed by Montevideo.

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