Diversion by Rebel Cats

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Feeling as lost as the taxi driver himself, it seemed that our arrival to the next destination was never going to happen. Luckily, after a few hours of never-ending streets, we made it to the Parque Valle Tepeyac in Mexico City. Shortly after, the Rebel Cats made an appearance, shaking off the “leftover fun” from their release party the night before, staying true to their namesake. The band, comprised of Vince (drum/vocals), Vincent Van Rock (guitar), Lalobilly (bass), and Chucho Tormenta (keyboard), revitalize and keep alive the fifties stye of music know as rockabilly. Other stylings of music are incorporated including  classic rock n’ roll and doo-wop but The Rebel Cats appearance and sound stay true to the rockabilly hot rod era where greasers ruled supreme. With jackets on and spirits high, we began to shoot. Encore Sessions presents The Rebel Cats with their aptly named song “Diversion”.

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