Escondiendo Huellas by Claudio Valenzuela

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We were kicked out the first time we arrived to Angel’s flight but that didn’t stop us. Luckily, when Claudio actually arrived the second time around, we didn’t have issues with security. We did make sure to make this session quick however. Claudio Valenzuela, who gained most of his fame through the famous Chilean band Lucybell, has since made a huge name for himself as a solo artist. Combining both English and Spanish lyrics into his songs, Claudio is able to express his personal journey as a musician in a variety of ways. His first album “GEMINI” whose namesake envelops his dual tongue, establishes his ideals of love, death, and life. Claudio continues to perform and write, staying faithful to his most dedicated fans. With Claudio arriving just in the nick of time, we began. Encore Sessions presents Claudio Valenzuela with an acoustic rendition of his song “Escondiendo Huellas”.’

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