Lejos de ti/Cucu by Los Hollywood

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Although it was only two hours away from home, being away for the first time to shoot an encore was probably what made it one of the most memorable. Little did we know that this would be the video to really set the Encore Sessions trademark and differentiate us from other music blogs. As we approached the band for the first time, we were welcomed with open arms and softened the feeling of being far from home. The warm welcome portrayed the humbleness that resonated from Los Hollywood and made this session that much more memorable. Since their independent release of their first EP, Los Hollywood have garnered the attention of many music outlets including Itunes. The band, consisting of Heidy (vocals, bass), Gustavo (drums), and Marcos (guitar), bring their dynamic sound of American Brit-rock that sends their musical stylings into something uniquely fresh, especially with their heavy Spanish sound. We packed into the bike-taxis’ and readied ourselves to what would become the perfect blend of golden hour lighting and enriching atmosphere. Encore Sessions presents a very special performance of Los Hollywood with their songs “Lejos de ti” and “Cucu” from the beautiful sunset of San Diego.

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