Nuevo Sol by Tyna Ros

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When it comes to flying a drone in Mexico, you would think the sky’s the limit. We were wrong. For the most part. As we were getting ready to film Tyna Ros by the world famous Angel de le Independencia in Mexico City, the local police tried shutting us down. Luckily, it only took a couple bucks and excuses to get them off our backs. Tyna Ros, a well established singer/songwriter, was a good sport about it all. Her time in the music institute of Los Angeles helped catapult her career in the U.S. but ultimately ended up showcasing her folky, upbeat music in Mexico City to which to this day is her main stay. With an educated musical background and charming spirit, it was no wonder we felt a warm welcome for the session. With camera ready and no policeman in sight, we began to shoot. Encore Sessions presents Tyna Ros with her performance of “Nuevo Sol”, from the Angel de Independencia in Mexico City.

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