Viajando en una nube by C-Kan ft. Cali Treez

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As we were ripped down from our seats, treated like criminals, and passed through a giant machine that looked like it came out of a sci-fi book, passing through the Mexican border felt more discouraging than anything. Fortunately, we powered through, regrouped a few hours later at the hotel, and finally setup the shoot for C-Kan that took place in the underground parking garage. C-Kan, born Jose Luis Maldonado, had a similar experience growing up by always dealing with authority. But with every confrontation came more knowledge and material to beautifully translate his experience to lyrics that to this day are witnessed my millions of people in Latin American countries as well as Mexico and the United States. Accompanied by the rhythmic tunes of Cali Treez in Tijuana, Mexico, Encore Sessions presents the first half of C-Kan’s performance with his song “Viajando en Una Nube”.

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