Voy hacia el mar/La mata que da risa/666 by Tropikal Forever

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One by one, the remaining two band members joined us on the colorful rooftop of a random house in Mexico city. Although we were surrounded by the vibrant city, the pressure was on. The band had a show just an hour away and it was just in that time that all four member were ready to go. Their bio depicts them as the robin hood of music, stealing the music of the rich but re-introducing it for the poor in a different way. Their mixture of cumbia and rock influences really hold true the Tropikal name and really showcase the bands talents. By bringing different cultures together and representing music for a broader audience, Tropikal Forever’s sound really can stand the test of time. With the clock ticking, everything was ready to shoot. Encore Sessions presents Tropikal Forever with a three song set list consisting of “Voy Hacia el Mar”, “La Mata que da Risa”, and “666”.

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