Vuelvo a empezar by David Negrete

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After filming Tyna Ros’ Encore, we couldn’t help but notice that her friend that she introduced us to happened to be a musician as well. He even had his guitar in hand, ready to go. But what started out as an improvised shoot turned out to be a lifelong friendship that to this day is still going strong. David Negrete’s musical background mostly stems from his schooling in the world renowned TCSACM based in Mexico City. His preferred genre of play would be considered folk with orchestrated symphonies that when used together create a modern take on the folk genre. This song in particular is part of an album he is currently working on that will be released in the near future. With the sun already set, and the park brightly lit, we began to shoot. Encore Sessions presents, from the EspaƱa park in Mexico City, David Negrete with his performance of “Vuelvo a Empezar”.

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